Spring awakening


Life sweet life

I have had an overdose of sweet life in the past three weeks. As much as I love afternoon teas, candy and dim sum, it is now time to get back on a lighter track and break the pattern of sugar addiction.


Blooming London


A phone camera moment

I just had one of those moments when one desperately needs a camera and of course it is home. So had I had to use my Blackberry's camera which is not the greatest phone camera on earth, but does somewhat decent pictures. This is sunset in London Bridge.


Animal figurines in ads in the UK

Vodafone's Freebies campaign

All pictures from Google.

I have spotted an annoying advertising pattern in the UK. No matter what the companies advertise, they use in many cases animal figurines. Those infantile figurines speak in a childish way to make them sound even more annoying than they look.

Of course the figurines are meant to be sympathetic and I bet they have their audiences, because otherwise there would not be mind blowing Churchill dog repeating the catch phrase "Oh yes" all the time. Whoever the target is, I have not been hit. I want see clever ads with something else than just cheap laughs.



Two old men



Au beurre salé

Package & content, both brilliant.



My pencil sharpener

I recently found a pencil sharpener I bought from a small book store along Club Street in Singapore. It is the cutest object and works well, too.


I am a fan

One of my favorite hotels is Mandarin Oriental Singapore. I spent my first and last Singapore days there. This is my tribute to my favorite hotel in the spirit of their recent ad campaign.


The most beautiful hotel pen

Hotel give-aways are not often very appealing. But there are exceptions, like Kempinski's pens. They have state-of-the-art timeless design and feel. They really reflect the luxury brand they are serving. The pens are actually a collaboration of two heritage brands, Cross and Kempinski. I got mine from Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin.



Pelican life


Finnish print ads from the 1950's

Pommac is a non-alcoholic Finnish soft-drink. It is still in production.
Riihimäen Lasi Oy was a Finnish art class manufacturer. Some of their works are design icons these days.

I love the innocent feel these ads have. The ads are from this book.


Town patterns

These true urban patterns are from this book.


Tourist Guide of Finland 1952

I bought a tourist guide book of Finland from year 1952 at a second hand book store in Seinäjoki last summer. I fell in love with the book's cover, but I found more treasures inside. Look at Helsinki's poster and map - are they not adorable? Finnish Tourist Board should try something like this when branding Finland and not those so-last-season reindeers.


Pattern palace

No, this is not a palace from Venice or Istanbul. It is a former shipbuilder's chapel in Canary Wharf. These days it serves as cafe. It just feels so out of place and time where it stands. But I am happy it is still standing.

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