Movin' on

In the middle of the picture, my house, The Sail @ MarinaBay.

I have not had too much time to update my blog during the last week. I have been busy packing. Now my tropical life is already sailing away, only I am left. Yes, I am moving away today. Or moving on, as I would like to put it.

My time in Singapore, 1.5 years, has been extremely interesting and fun. It has also taught me a lot. Little I knew about the Asian way of living before. And the best way to learn is to live within. Although it is time to leave, who knows, if I will be living here once again. At the very least, I will be visiting.

This blog has been a fun way to explore Singapore and its surroundings. It will be one of my mementos of my time here. But it will not remain stagnant. I will keep blogging from London, where I am relocating. More urban patterns and matters will be coming.

Xie xie to all my readers! Please keep reading!




Sofitel Metropole Hanoi: Chocolate Buffet

I have been lately on a healthier diet trying not to eat unnecessary sugars. I made an exception in Hanoi. I went to the Sofitel Metropole hotel for their famous Chocolate Buffet, which I had read many recommendations about - and of which every single one turned out to be true.

The setting was nice: Le Club bar next to the main entrance is where one can observe hotel guests strolling in and out. The chocolate buffet was well stocked with all possible kinds of pralines, cakes, macarons and a chocolate fountain with marshmallows and fruits to dip in. There is even a lady who makes hot chocolate of one's choice of chocolates and serves it to the table.

If I ever happen to be in Hanoi again, I will definitely try Le Club's high tea as well, so good looked their servings of it.

Chocolate Buffet at Sofitel Metropole, Le Club 3pm to 5:30pm daily, price around US$20. No formal dress code, even smart shorts will do.



Eurovision time!

Picture by NRK/EBU

It is the time of the year when the Eurovision Song Contest isheld. Next week will be the official Eurovision week. After the mid-week semifinals there will be the grand final in Oslo, Norway on Saturday evening (Central European Time).

I have been a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest for many years, but now being in Asia I have not been following very closely which songs the national jurys have selected. I know, however, that Finland's entry will be a folk song called 'Työlki ellää' by duo Kuunkuiskaajat (in English 'You can also make living by working' by the Moon Whisperers). I am not sure if I like the song. It is a bit too similar with last year's winning song from Norway.

Google has developed a website for the real enthusiasts. It predicts this year's Eurovision winner based on number of Google searches.

And if you are really into Eurovision Song Contest, it is possible to watch it live next week here.

And those who can't get enough, despair not. Our Sound - the Asian version of Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the latter part of 2010.


Beauty in imperfection

Close-up patterns