Sea Salt Spray

Picture from Amazon.co.uk

I had my hair cut last week at Tony&Guy Regent Street. My hair stylist recommended me a product I had not heard before: Sea Salt Spray. I was told it would leave hair like I had just come from surfing in the ocean. And it is true, this product gives my hair a nice and non-heavy texture, unlike wax or gel. Label.m Sea Salt Spray can be bought at Tony&Guy salons and from Amazon.



Sunday stroll


Follow Urban Patterns and Patterns with your smartphone or tablet

I made it a bit easier to follow this blog with a mobile device today. I changed to blog logo as a QR code. It can be pointed with a smartphone or tablet QR code scanner and the blog will open in a mobile device browser.


House hunting

After a year of tenanting I am ready to move forward on the property ladder and buy my own apartment. For a long time, I was looking at flats in new high rise buildings in Canary Wharf, but now I have different thoughts. My next and own (!) home has to be a proper Victorian or Edwardian house or a maisonette ... or at least raised ground floor. I am not going to live in the basement as so many Londoners do.