Silent history

I noticed a strange but understandable thing while touring the alpine countries. References to Nazi history are few. One example of this is the brochure of Berchtesgaden in Austria. The village advertises Kehlsteinhaus as one of their main attractions. The place is better known as Eagle's Nest, one of Hitler's mountain get-aways. The brochure mentions the place representing a piece of history but it does not refer to the former occupier. Historic wounds still seem to need some healing. On the other hand, in Slovenia I saw Nazi symbolism in media and even Nazi medallions at Ljubjanian antique stores.

Left: A magazine cover from Bled with header 'Germany in year zero'
Right: A poster in Ljubljana with header 'Little dictator'


Garmisch-Partenkirchen frescos

I visited Garmisch-Partenkirchen on my alpine tour a week ago. I knew the place of its annual winter games but I was amazed by the beauty of G-P's architecture and the religious frescos on almost every building's walls.


Julian Alps


Tito's Narnia

Tito's summer residence in Bled in current day Slovenia


Blejski grad

I visited Bled castle ('Blejski grad' in Slovenian) from the 11th century yesterday. The castle itself is quite standard looking in its category but the location is amazing. The castle is situated on top of an extremely steep hill and it offers spectacular views of the surrounding village of Bled. I have never been to Dracula's castle in Transilvania, but I would imagine it looks something similar.

Castle wine cellar sells Slovenian wines.

Castle chapel with a modern twist.