Trick or treat?

Treat, please! And in the form of Japanese candy. I found delicious and mouth watering Jap milk candy while doing groceries at FairPrice in Bishan. I also bought some sake, mainly because of the nice bottle. Maybe I will taste it later today.


Belle x 6

One song has been playing inside my head today. I do not know why. It is Belle, one of the best known songs from French musical Notre Dame de Paris. It tells a story about a gypsy girl and three very different men, who are in love with her. I have seen the Disney version in Finnish, but I would like to see this show on stage.

Here are six versions of Belle in six different languages. Which one you like the most? I think the French version is hard to beat, but I think the Russian version is very good too.

French version English version

Spanish version

Italian version

Russian version

Korean version


Hello Kitty goes medical

Picture from www.bearbrick.com/drxkitty/

This Halloween Hello Kitty goes medical and reveals its cute anatomy. These figurines has been designed by Dr. Romanelli and produced by MediComToy Corporation. Sadly, these kittens are only available in Japan. Still, I love!


So this is Christmas...

Christmas decorations at Suntec City Mall entrance.

Christmas tree at Raffles City Mall

It seems that Christmas preparations start earlier and earlier every year. Today I spotted a huge Christmas tree at Raffles City Mall and lots Christmas decorations outside and inside Suntec City Mall.

My Christmas this year will be very different from the previous ones. I will spend Christmas 2009 in the southern hemisphere, first time ever away from Finland. It will be interesting to see if it is possible to get into Christmas mood without cold weather, snow and traditional Finnish Christmas dishes.


Sunday walk in Tiong Bahru

I had my Sunday walk today in the Tiong Bahru area. I have been there once after sunset and only now I realize the beauty of the place in daylight. Unlike many bulky neighborhoods in Singapore, Tiong Bahru has its strong characteristic art deco style. The buildings are human sized with no more than four stories and most of them clean white. If I was now moving to Singapore, I would definitely consider Tiong Bahru. I wonder why Tiong Bahru is often dropped from guide books?


Mon pays

Mon pays 23/11/09.

Blinking Buddha

This Buddha statue is from Singapore's Burmese Buddhist temple, Maha Sasana Ramsi. The statue is located in the meditation hall, second floor of the temple. What makes it interesting is its aureola. It is made of tens of led lights and it is blinking in a psychedelic way. The temple building is fairly new, so why not using today's technology...

Sun Yat Sen Villa, memorial for chinese leader Sun Yat-sen, is located next to the Burmese Buddhist temple.


Sale N° 1682 - Hermés Vintage

Original pictures from hermes.com and Artcurial. Pictures have been modified.

I wish I was in Paris on the 10th of November. The Parisian auction house Artcurial is having a Hermés vintage auction. They are selling mostly bags and other accessories, but there are some clothes for sale too. It is possible to make bids through an online system though, but I would prefer being on the spot when the auction is happening. Maybe I will next time...

Check the auction listing here.


Mystery balls

I saw these cannon ball like fruits one Sunday not long ago when walking in Lavender area in Singapore. I have been wondering since what these strange fruits are. They are almost head size and look like a bit like coconut fruits. Do you know what they are called?


Up, up, up!

American fashion designer Tim Hamilton presented recently his collection for spring and summer 2010. Instead of traditional runway show he had made video installations how to wear his clothing in action, climbing ropes in this case. I really like these videos and Mr. Hamilton's clothes as well, especially the shorts. I can not wait for next summer! Although in ever summery Singapore I could start using these clothes right away.

The videos have been filmed and directed by Collier Schorr.


The Blue Mansion

Picture from www.thebluemansion.com

I saw today my first Singaporean movie. It was called The Blue Mansion and it is about a rich Singaporean family, whose patriarch has died unexpectedly. His funeral is getting messy when the family's secrets start to roll out. I will not reveal more than that, you should see it. Or should you?

The film is very well made, I like especially the setting. The blue mansion is beautiful, I did not know such places exist in Singapore. The filming, lighting, colors and music are good, too. But the story... Well, it is very Singaporean, a bit of everything. Most surprising parts of the movie were racism against Indians (based on the audience reactions), swearing and gay issues which are banned from other media.


Armani Teens?

I passed by this ad today at Paragon shopping mall. I could not believe my eyes. The ad says 'Armani Teen' and it shows two children who do not look like teenagers at all. I think there is something very disgusting in this ad. It tries to show children as adults. Can they not be just children?

Another strange, but more funny thing in this ad is the clothes it is advertising. Who can wear them in Singapore? Well, maybe in the ice cold malls...


Many buildings, all the same

Marina Bay office blocks.

Moment before storm


The September Issue

It is October now and September issue is so last season, but still The September Issue is extremely interesting document about making the bible of fashion world. Anna Wintour plays the leading role in her inimitable way. Vogue's creative director Grace Coddington plays the second violin. See it while you can!


An ad outside of the Peninsula Plaza. It is good that the ex-police officers have something to do.


Pictures from iida.jp

While skimming the current issue of my favorite Japanese magazine HUGE, I fell in love. There was an ad of new mobile phone called PLY. I rushed to the manufacturer's website and my love got even deeper. Designer Hideo Kambara has made excellent job by designing PLY to be very clean and fresh, but at the same time PLY is classic and in touch with the traditional Japanese design. PLY gets it's name from layered plywood.

The only downside is that this phone is designed for Japanese CDMA network and it will not work - as far as I know - in GSM network without a Japanese SIM card.


Best sandwich in town

I love sandwiches. Since last summer I have been enjoying the sandwiches from Da Paolo Gastronomia, which has an outlet in my neighborhood. Their salami-pecorino sandwich with ciabatta bread is my favorite and the best I have tasted in Singapore. Try it!


Where have all the durians gone?

I did my usual groceries today at Takashimaya's Coldstorage. The newly renovated store was shining as ever, but something was missing - one smell. Let me explain...

When I first came to Singapore, I hated a certain smell in supermarkets. Soon I learned that it was the smell of cut durian fruits. That smell is hard to describe, but it is very strong and pungent and the smell fills even a bigger space.

Quite soon I got used to the smell and I even attended a durian party. There I learned that whole durians, like pictured here, are quite expensive and that the durian season is eagerly anticipated in Southeast Asia.

I must admit that I like the shape of durians, they are almost head size and remind me of medieval arms. Singaporeans must love their durians since they have taken the shape of durian as a model for their Esplanade theatre. Regardless of the nice shape of durians, I did not fell in love with their taste. I will not say it is bad, it is just too exotic for me :)

Now the durian season is over for this year. I wonder when the smelly fruits are back in town?



Beautiful things do not always have to cost a fortune. Whistle SGD2, Carrefour Suntec City.

New York moment

I had an out of time and space experience yesterday evening when I was walking through a small alley in Tanjong Pagar in Singapore. For a moment I though I was somewhere in Midtown in New York. But I was not on 48th street. I was on Boon Tat Link. I miss New York!