Boat house living


An investment


A Finn again

Finnish novelist Sofi Oksanen has made it in the UK. Her latest novel called Purge is being advertised with big billboards in the tube.



Saville Row

I love this nautical window display along Saville Row. When I was taking this photo an American family (with very thick US accent) asked where they could find Abercrombie & Fitch store. I showed them the way but was left wondering why on earth would Americans come to buy A&F in London where it is almost double priced compared to the US. Another thing to wonder is why to buy A&F at all...



Wallenberg everywhere

This was not the first time I bump into Raoul Wallenberg while traveling. My previous encounter was in Sydney and now in Budapest.



Sorry for not posting for a long time. I have been exhausted by my work load and Blogger was out of service often last week. Now I am back after a weekend in Budapest. One of the highlights of the weekend was Eurovision Song Contest. It has nothing nothing to do with great music or good taste, but it is amazing institution in all its campness. Here are my favorites neither of which won unfortunately.


Lucky day

I just filled my Euromillions coupon. Fingers crossed for Friday!



Camilla's tears

I had a lovely dessert moment at my friends' place last Saturday. It was the eve of 1st of May and my ever surprising friends had decorated their dining table with miniature dollhouse furniture with amazing details.

This gives an idea of the scale. The lovely heart topped cupcakes are called Camilla's Tears as HRH Duchess of Cornwall was the only member of the British royal family to shed a tear at Westminster Abbey wedding service.