A new gin in town

I found my new favorite gin when wandering around the duty free shops while waiting my Singapore flight at Heathrow. I wanted buy a bottle of Hendrick's, my old favourite gin. I could not find it and contacted a sales assistant. She introduced me instead to a new gin, Oxley.

The SA told that the Oxley gin has been distilled through a special process in -5°C which gives the gin a more soft and distinguished taste. I agree. There is no taste of alcohol, only a pure and natural taste. Oxley gin is made in limited number of bottles and each bottle is individually numbered. The gin comes in bright glass bottle with a tin bottom and a wooden cork. There is also a leather strap with a logo tag around the bottleneck. A 1L bottle of Oxley costs £39 at Heathrow.

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  1. I like it too! And it is highly effective in inducing sleep =)