At The Royal Ballet

I went to see yesterday the last performance of Chroma / Tryst / Symphony in C at the Royal Ballet. It was my first time at the Royal Opera House. My seat was almost touching the clouds at the highest point of the Amphitheatre. Mind you, the ticket was just £11. I thought I could not see a thing, but I did. And I was overwhelmed of what I saw.

The evening consisted of three different performances. I fell in love with the first one, Chroma. Very modern, very sleek, extremely fascinating. The music was something one does not often hear played by a big opera orchestra. Have a look and listen above. The music of Chroma is based on songs composed for a band called White Stripes and their album Aluminium. I just wonder where can I get the opera orchestra versions of those songs?

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  1. Love the clip of The Royal Ballet.