A notebook

I like to buy small souvenirs when I am traveling. Those things do not have to fancy or expensive, just something special. The cruel thing in life is, though, that the nicest things are more often expensive. Anyway, it turned out to be a tricky task to find a souvenir that would not be a huge cliché in Venice. But I managed to find one, a handcrafted notebook by Paolo Olbi. The tiny shop was located at Campo Santa Maria Nova. I love the pattern on the cover.


  1. Ihana blogi, ja niin kauniin kiehtovia kuvia, etta meni heti seurantaan! Hyvaa uutta vuotta! <3

  2. Mukavaa, että löysit tänne! Ja hauskaa huomata muidenkin suomalaisten bloggaavan Lontoosta. Hyvää uutta vuotta!

  3. This is lovely! Snow White gave me a really nice notebook for xmas too...I am going to document the travels of this year in that notebook. What are you going to write in yours?