Playbook time!

Even though I work with digital design, I tend to be slow to buy the latest gadgets. For long, I disliked tablets as I thought they are too chunky to carry around i.e. not very portable which they are meant for. I still think Apple's iPad is too big. And the Android devices I do not find appealing at all. For some strange reason I have a crush on Blackberries. That is why I have been waiting RIM's Blackberry Playbook tablet with excitement.

Again, I did not rush to buy at when it first hit the stores a couple of ago but read several reviews and then decided to invest in it. My first reactions are very positive. I like the look and feel of the device, and the size. For me, it is perfect size to take with me anywhere. Unlike iPads, Playbook supports Flash and all the other important web technologies which make it a versatile companion. Playbook lacks the plethora of applications at the moment, as the Guardian put it "Welcome to the Soviet App Store". That does not bother me as I do not see the point downloading dozens of apps. I use the internet instead. Connectivity wise Playbook is superb as it can be used with WI-FI and with an existing Blackberry's 3G connection so there is no need to make different models for different uses as Apple does.

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