The Blue Mansion

Picture from www.thebluemansion.com

I saw today my first Singaporean movie. It was called The Blue Mansion and it is about a rich Singaporean family, whose patriarch has died unexpectedly. His funeral is getting messy when the family's secrets start to roll out. I will not reveal more than that, you should see it. Or should you?

The film is very well made, I like especially the setting. The blue mansion is beautiful, I did not know such places exist in Singapore. The filming, lighting, colors and music are good, too. But the story... Well, it is very Singaporean, a bit of everything. Most surprising parts of the movie were racism against Indians (based on the audience reactions), swearing and gay issues which are banned from other media.


  1. actually the entire show was shot in Penang ;P

  2. Whaaat? This is fraud! :)

  3. singapore and penang...sama sama :)