Where have all the durians gone?

I did my usual groceries today at Takashimaya's Coldstorage. The newly renovated store was shining as ever, but something was missing - one smell. Let me explain...

When I first came to Singapore, I hated a certain smell in supermarkets. Soon I learned that it was the smell of cut durian fruits. That smell is hard to describe, but it is very strong and pungent and the smell fills even a bigger space.

Quite soon I got used to the smell and I even attended a durian party. There I learned that whole durians, like pictured here, are quite expensive and that the durian season is eagerly anticipated in Southeast Asia.

I must admit that I like the shape of durians, they are almost head size and remind me of medieval arms. Singaporeans must love their durians since they have taken the shape of durian as a model for their Esplanade theatre. Regardless of the nice shape of durians, I did not fell in love with their taste. I will not say it is bad, it is just too exotic for me :)

Now the durian season is over for this year. I wonder when the smelly fruits are back in town?

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