Names, names, names!

Every I time I visit Hong Kong, I go to Metropol Restaurant in United Center next to newly refurbished Pacific Place shopping heaven (there was nothing wrong with the old one either). The restaurant has extremely good and traditional dim sum. You never know what comes from the waitresses' steamy vans. They do not speak English and I can not Mandarin. So it is international hand language one has to stick to.

My absolute favorites are their desserts. Pictured (colored) here are my three all time favorite buns they serve. Sometimes they have sold out them, but last weekend I managed to get them all. My only problem with these buns is that I have not found them in Singapore. I am sure they are served here as well, but where? And what should I call these buns? I know bun is 'bao' in Mandarin, but my Mandarin skills end there. Can you help?

Here are short descriptions of the buns:
Top: This bun has yellow egg(?) custard in it.
Right: This bun has also yellow custard inside it.
Left: This bun has sugar coating and and no custard inside.

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  1. time to buy me dim sum and i can demonstrate my wonderful Mandarin :)