Perfect snack

Before ending up reading the latest edition of Monocle by the pool yesterday, I went to Japanese food store called Yamakawa Super in the basement of The Central shopping mall.

I have been searching for Japanese jelly drinks from Singaporean supermarkets for a long time without any luck. Until yesterday, Shoku-do food courts have been my only hope, but their take-away Asahi red grape jelly drinks are quite expensive.

Yamakawa Super turned out to be a jelly drink heaven. I found the pictured Sangaria tsubumi grape drink from their shelves. It tastes extremely good and is reasonably priced. I also found Meiji's Pucca salty and sweet fish shaped crackers. They make perfect snack accompanied by the Sangaria drink.

Another good news is that I just found out that there is a whole Japanese supermarket at Liang Court shopping mall, called Meidi-Ya. I MUST GO!

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