Finland, land of swamps

I had a perfect break from the hectic city life in Seinäjoki in Western Finland last week. I woke up early and I headed for duckboards at Paukaneva swamp. The weather was chilly and fresh and it was very quiet. A moment to breath clean, cool air.

Swamps make up one third of Finland's land mass. Although that fact is taught at schools, one easily forgets, as swamps are rarely seen in daily life. They are hidden in the forests and rural areas.

For me, swamps are mystical places. But for some they are a source of livelihood; swamps used to be dried for agricultural land. These days they are a source of sod, which is used as fuel and fertilizer. Also a lot of berries grow there, including the tasty yellow cloudberry.

Enough of lecturing. Happy Independence Day Finland, the beautiful land of the swamps!

After a day outdoors, a real Finnish sauna. Lovely!


  1. Nice.. I would love to go there someday.

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  3. It is easy if you happen live somewhere in Asia. Direct flights from major cities with Finnair. Unfortunately they quit Singapore route couple of years ago :(