Breaking a pattern

I am one of those who usually buys their parfumes from tax free shops at airports. It can be a cheap option but it is a bit restricting. One can only find the most popular bulk scents from tax free shops but never anything truly new and exciting.

It was time to break my pattern today. I went to Liberty to look - or smell - for those other than usual scents. I went through several lovely bottles, but ended up with a rather boxy one. It was a scent born as a result of Comme des Garçons' and Artek's (Finnish design company) collaboration. It is called Standard. The scent is very foresty. It smells like freshly cut wood. It is also a delicate scent, not too pushy. A bit like me, really. I had to buy it.

Standard can be found at Liberty and Dover Street Market in London.

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  1. Liberty has become the greatest shop in London. I love browsing through their men's section for inspiration!