At hypermarket

I did my groceries at Carrefour Plaza Singapura today. I try to avoid Carrefour hypermarkets as their cashier system is quite frustrating.

Let me explain. At Carrefour they have different kinds of cashier points which handle only certain customer groups. These groups are based on how many items one is buying and which payment method one is using. If the customer knows how the system works, shopping at Carrefour gets easier. But if one does not, then it might get messy. I followed a middle-aged Ang Mo lady's shopping experience today. Take a look at the chart I made below.

Readers outside Singapore, you can read about POSB Everyday Card here here and about NETS here here.

I know, this lady who had hard time shopping at Carrefour should have paid attention to the signs that guide which cashier to go to. But still I find it very annoying to have this class system. I believe the whole cashier process would be a lot faster if there would be only one kind of cashier points with no hassle with the cards or contents of one's shopping basket.

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