I-S Magazine, a Singaporean weekly tabloid, discusses in its current issue about tipping, which has been banned in Singapore since the 1970's. Instead of tipping the restaurants add automatically a 10% of service charge to each bill and the customers do not have to guess about tipping.

I think the current policy works fine and should not be changed. Tipping in other countries always make me feel awkward; how much should I give, did I give too little or too much. For me as a Finn tipping represents something extra that I give for superb service, not for slow and unattentive one, which I should always reward automatically when in certain countries (US, UK, etc).

What do you think, should tipping be re-introduced in Singapore? Would it make the service any better?


  1. I think the current practice is excellent and should not be changed - as another Finn I find it extremely irritating to be guessing how much to give and where ... and indeed tip in places where you rather not even pay the bill.

  2. Thanks for you comment, Blanca! Nice to hear from a fellow Finnish expat. It must be even hotter there than here.