Finland - best place to live in

According to Newsweek's recent survey, Finland is the best country to live in the world. Newsweek measured education, health, quality of life, economic dynamism and political environment of the participating countries. Finland scored 89.31/100 and became the winning nation (details below). UK scored 14th and Singapore number 20th in the overall results.

It is nice to see my home country to in these rankings. Not very surprising, though. Small homogenous and well developed nations always score in this kind of surveys as they are easy to manage and rule. For example all Nordic countries were in the top 10. But I was a bit surprised that Singapore ranked only 20th. It is the political environment that holds it back and especially freedom of speech. Once and if that chances they will be number one.

See the full story and interactive infographic here.

Picture from Newsweek

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