A design classic

Fo some mysterious reason I am intrigued by matchboxes. They are nothing fancy or ultramodern, but nor are the products inside them. Actually it has proven to be difficult to find traditional matches these days as every kiosk and supermarket sells lighters. Now I got a box of Swan Vesta matches into my hands. The design is timeless, purely simple with classic and vibrant colors. I like!


  1. I have not used matches in more than a decade. I like this design. The colours are very clearly from a different era but overall this works very well. It's a low-margin product/commodity, which discourages investment: I don't think sales are driven by design, so it's unlikely the packaging will change. It's true of salt, potato bags etc. too. That is not a bad thing.


  2. I burn candles almost every evening and use matches to light them. It is a pity that the cheap plastic lighters are replacing matches. I had the same problem finding matches in Singapore. There I could find only Swedish matches - what a long way to travel for such low-marging commodity! :)