The Young Ones

Pictures from bbc.co.uk

Maybe I have become middle-aged, but I love BBC One's series The Young Ones. I have been nailed in front of my telly every evening this week to watch it. It is an innovative series where six British senior celebrities are put in a house for a week.

The house where they live is a replica from the 1970's, from the time when these people used to be most active and in their bloom. In their olden days they have become a bit crumpy and less fit. The house is an experiment to see if the 'housemates' become more active and gain back some their energy if they live in a place that looks like their former homes in the 70's.

The housemates also have all kinds of tasks to do that courage them to be more active. Only on the second day in the house the former celebs did things they had been avoiding to do in their normal life. I am eager to see how the rest of the week goes.

The series has an important message. It is never too late to start exercising and being healthy, but it is better to start it today. And most importantly, it is not good to be alone. One stays in better shape both mentally and physically when being among friends and family.

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