The camera is dead - long live the new camera!

My old Sigma DP-1 went out of function last week. The repair cost was high considering its age, so I decided to buy a new camera. It was quite a project to find a camera that suits my needs. Thanks to photomaniac Singaporeans and tough competition, there is a wide range of cameras available here in reasonable prices.

At first, I thought I would buy a true DSLR as they take the best pictures. But then I started to think about the size. DSLRs are huge. That is why I zoomed to semi-DSLRs, Olympus PEN series and Panasonic GF-1. They have changeable lenses and small bodies, plus stylish design that the traditional DSLRs lack.

Yesterday I went to Funan DigitaLife Mall to try the PENs and GF-1. After trying both labels with different lenses and bargaining about the price, I ended up buying the Panasonic GF-1. I got it with two lenses, with a 20mm pancake lens and a 14-45mm zoom lens. I think the GF-1 has the best hands on experience for me and I like its design a lot.

Picture from panasonic.net

Now it is time to learn how my new GF-1 works. Here is the first shot:

Picture taken with the 20mm pancake lens. I love the way the autofocus. It makes the front part clear and blurs the background giving the picture a nice feel.


  1. It's very funny. At the time you bought your GF1, I went to buy one then settled on the G1 because I was a bit worried of taking pictures straight from the screen. I now have a Pen, because the stabilisation is on the body. I think this is a huge plus because I use a lot of manual lenses.

    Funnily enough, I lived in Singapore too!


  2. You have really browsed a long way to find this post.

    I liked PEN too, but for me it was finally an aesthetic question which one to choose and I liked GF-1 more - and I was not that experienced with interchangeable lenses at that point. GF-1 has turned out to be a good choice, although the lenses are quite pricey.

    Now I am dreaming of Leica M9.

    When were you in Singapore?