My favorite dish

What are these countless hands doing?

No, not ravioli. Guess again!

Yes, dumplings!

They are one the tastiest dishes of the Chinese cuisine I know. In Singapore one of the best places to have them in a reasonable price is Din Tai Fung, a chain, which now has a fairly new outlet in 313@Somerset.

Making of dumplings is a form of art itself. Look at the first picture. There are five chefs preparing them around one table. I do not even dare to think how expensive dumplings would be in Helsinki, if there were so many people to make them.


  1. http://ieatishootipost.sg/2008/12/hand-in-hand-beijing-restaurant-xiao.html

    i think this place has more character for XLB :)

  2. Let's try that some day!

  3. Yah...when the Breathing Finn can breathe properly. Else we have to sit on a different table ;P