On imperial grounds

There is an amazing view of Singapore's skyline from the palace grounds.

Statue of Queen Victoria.

Singapore's presidential palace Istana (a Malay word for a palace) is open only couple of times for the public in a year. Today, the Labour Day, was one of those days. Last year I missed my chances of visiting Istana, so now I decided to pay a visit.

The palace grounds are magnificent. The garden is well maintained and looked pristine on a sunny day. Some parts of the colonial style palace building were open to the public too, but taking photos was not allowed inside. I must say the garden was much nicer than the palace, which was a bit of a let down; not as glamorous as I had expected.

I bet there are not many head of states that have their own golf course in the middle of the city as the President S. R. Nathan has. If you take a real close look at the last picture, you can see him in the front seat of the golf car.

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