Movin' on

In the middle of the picture, my house, The Sail @ MarinaBay.

I have not had too much time to update my blog during the last week. I have been busy packing. Now my tropical life is already sailing away, only I am left. Yes, I am moving away today. Or moving on, as I would like to put it.

My time in Singapore, 1.5 years, has been extremely interesting and fun. It has also taught me a lot. Little I knew about the Asian way of living before. And the best way to learn is to live within. Although it is time to leave, who knows, if I will be living here once again. At the very least, I will be visiting.

This blog has been a fun way to explore Singapore and its surroundings. It will be one of my mementos of my time here. But it will not remain stagnant. I will keep blogging from London, where I am relocating. More urban patterns and matters will be coming.

Xie xie to all my readers! Please keep reading!


  1. Take care. Hope to see more postings from you in London.

  2. Thanks for the kind words :) I think I haven't even yet really realized that I'm leaving although I am sipping tea at the hotel bar and waiting to get to the airport. It's hard to miss this as I'm still here. It will hit me tomorrow.