Annie Leibovitz x Peninsula

Above images: Annie Leibovitz for Peninsula Hotels

Hotels are like micro worlds where dozens of people make their best to provide a pleasant stay for their guests. Often one forgets how much is done behind the smiles of the pageboys and closed doors.

Peninsula Hotels are often considered the best of the best when it comes to hotels. They do not merely have fancy facades, but they also let their staff shine. Peninsula started a collaboration with photographer Annie Leibovitz in 2004. Ms Leibovitz took delicate black and white pictures of the Peninsula staff in their every day tasks. The collaboration has continued for five years and this year's results are again amazing, as you can see above.

In Ms Leibovitz's pictures every hotel task is shown with dignity and pride. I like every one of the 17 pictures, but my favorite is the cleaning lady in the second picture above.

The best thing is, that these beautiful pictures are also true. I spent a week at the Peninsula Manila Hotel end of June. The eye for detail that is shown in the pictures, is there also in real life.


  1. So cool! Such wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing.

    Greetings from California. Hope you can visit my blog too.




  2. The Cleaning Lady is a good shot. Annie is a wonderful photographer, I was intrigued with her when I first saw her photos for Vogue with Coco Rocha (the model) doing a Romeo & Juliet spread