Twist in My Sobriety

Quite unexpectedly a song from the old archives of my mind popped up. It was Tanita Tikaram's Twist in My Sobriety. Of course I had to find the video from Youtube.

Twist in My Sobriety was a huge hit in Europe in the 80's. I liked the song back then and I still do. It has not lost its magic as years have gone by. Maybe the dark sound of the song appeals to my Finnish soul.

I have not heard much about Tanita since the 80's. I googled to see what had happened to her. She is turning 40 next month and is still in making music. Tanita has a website and even a blog. She also makes podcasts. I was a bit surprised to learn that her mother is Malaysian and father Indo-Fijian. By that she has a sort of a contact to my Singaporean life :)

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