NZ Tour: Auckland

Auckland's skyline seen from a nearby island. The city's landmark is The Sky Tower (360m high) which can be seen all over the city.

An old volcano crater in Auckland.

A statue with distinctive Maori features.

Flora of the Auckland Domain park.

A typical art deco house in Auckland's residential area.

Shop window at Ponsonby Road.

Auckland was the first and the last stop of my NZ journey. After arriving from Singapore I was a bit tired and headed to hang around on an island in front of Auckland. I did not see much Auckland that day, mostly the main streets and some parks. I must say Auckland is not one of the most picturesque cities I have been to. Buildings are fairly new and anonymous. There are, although, some very nice art deco style buildings, mostly wooden and the parks with huge pine trees are beautiful. More original Auckland style can be found in Ponsonby Road, which goes through the artistic area of Auckland.

Art deco is the key style in NZ. Its features can be found in Auckland, but the best places to spot it are small sleepy villages along the high ways. Time has stopped in those villages and art deco looks at its purest there.

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