NZ Tour: Lake Taupo

Climbing to Mount Tauhara (1088m high).

Narrow footpath on the way to the top of Mount Tauhara.

Mid-way view on the way to the top of Mount Tauhara.

Forest cut very precisely. View from the top of Mount Tauhara.

Our accommodation Clarion Suites by the Lake Taupo.

Famous Huka falls. Photo from wikipedia.org

Sunset silhouette of Lake Taupo.

Third stop on my NZ tour was Lake Taupo. It is the biggest lake of NZ and it is actually a volcanic crater just filled with water. The volcano beneath the lake has remained unactive for more than 1800 years, but it in the past it used to be one of the most disastrous volcanos in the world. Even the ancient Roman historians have mentioned the late interruption in 186AD.

In addition to volcanic ground, Lake Taupo is surrounded by amazing landscapes. I decided to climb to the top of Mount Tauhara, which reaches 1088 meters above sea level. It was one hard task to do, since it was very warm day. But still, it was worth the trouble. View from the top was magnificent and the route itself was very beautiful too.

Near Lake Taupo there are the famous Huka Falls. Some 220.000 litres of water flow though the falls per second. There one can really sense nature's powers.

One of the best accommodations on the NZ trip was at Lake Taupo. We had reserved a three bedroom lakefront apartment from Clarion Suites. The apartment was very modern, well equipped and spacious, we even had a big veranda with hot tub facing the lake. I think all of us could have stayed there longer, but we still had lots to see and we stayed only one night.

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  1. The Clarion Suites look marvellous! Nice photos.