NZ Tour: Rotorua

Green fields along the way from Auckland to Rotorua.

Volcanic boiling mud springs at Hell's Gate in Rotorua.

Volcanic crater at Hell's Gate.

Fern trees at Hell's Gate.

Art deco style cricket club house.

Black swans.

Second stop of my NZ Tour was Rotorua, which is the centre for Maori culture in NZ. Rotorua is also famous for the volcanic active soil. I visited Hell's Gate park, where the volcanic mud springs are boiling. The mud smells sulphur and later I noticed how difficult it was to get the smell off clothes. One shirt still has that odor. Nice... I also took a mud bath at the Hell's Gate. Later in the evening I attended a Maori dinner show, where some traditional Maori dishes were served and their music and dance played.

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