NZ Tour: Napier

Vineyard at Salvare Winery.

Another winery I visited.

Art deco style church in Napier.

Pebble beach.

Art deco style fountain facing the Pacific Ocean.

From Lake Taupo we drove through mountainous serpentine roads to Napier, which is situated next to the Hawke's Bay wine producing district. Right after arriving we took a wine tour to the local wineries. We visited four vineyards, Salvare Estate, Crossroads Winery, Moana Park and one that I can not remember...too much wine, eh? We tasted whites, reds and bubbly and some dessert wines too. I did not realise before that so many excellent wines come from NZ. Unluckily many of them stay there because of the small volumes. I managed to bring one bottle with me back to Singapore. It is Moana Park's 2009 Vineyard Tribute Viognier, an excellent, very dry white wine.

Napier itself was sort of a sleepy small town. It had many beautiful art deco buildings and a nice black pebble beach on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.


  1. Hi

    Glad you enjoyed your time in the Bay. I like the pic of the vineyard. I will post it to our Facebook Page.

    I hope you enjoyed your visit to our cellardoor and that we see you down here again some time.

  2. Nice to hear from you, Steve! Please let me know when some of your wines are available in Singapore.