NZ Tour: Wellington

Denis Glover's poem at the Wellington harbor.

Wellington Central Library

Lambton Quay, main street of Wellington.

Cable car and Kelburn Village uphill offer great views of Wellington.

Hill top view from Kelburn Village to the city.

View from Parliament park.

After a long drive from Napier and many brief stops, we arrived to Wellington, the capital of NZ. We did not have much to time to explore the city since we arrived late and left early the next morning. But we managed to get a glimpse of the windy city.

For me Wellington seemed more city-like than Auckland. While Auckland was more widespread and its buildings fairly new, Wellington was more compact and had more layered architecture. The old governmental buildings added an European vibe to the city and city feels like having more culture to offer than any other in NZ.

When in hurry, best views of Wellington can be seen from the upscale Kelburn Village. It can be reached with the cable car from Lambton Quay, the main shopping street of Wellington.

I really liked Wellington. I hope I will have more time to spend there some day.

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